Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

via Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

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I remember those hazy summer days so clearly in my mind’s eye, that summer of ’15. Yet each time I rewind into the past, some new, insignificant, yet beautiful memory captures my heart and imagination and blurs each distinctive moment into one blur of simple joy. Sometimes, the nostalgia makes me break into a wide smile even as people about me seem grim and carry on with their monotony, and other times it makes a pearl of transparent bliss roll down my cheek. I wish and keep wishing I could go back in time, be with those people, live that summer all over again, then smile at myself, rejoice in the days I was lucky to live and carry forward with my own set of monotony, only, it seems to have a beautiful gleam to it now. Who said thinking about the past was wrong? I say, live in nostalgia now and again, and shine today with the lights of yesterday.

~Kritika Misra

P.S. I know, I know, this is a ‘Photo Challenge’, yet as I don’t seem very adept with pictures as with words, I hope they can paint a picture or capture a still in your mind as clearly as they do in mine.


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

    • kritikamisra2001 says:

      Good question, but here’s the point. I wouldn’t want to disclose the picture painted in my mind, since it’s very personal, and simultaneously would want you to rewind and think of a particularly endearing memory you have and remember it, say, basking in the sun in an apple orchard with
      company, or walking along a desolate stretch of the street, or participating in an event, anything at all.


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