A bus ride home

Coming home by the bus, I noticed the smoggy hue to the sky today, and wondered at the strange weather in this season.

Would you imagine, yesterday started off cool in the morning, proceeded to swelter in the afternoon, and as it rained away all evening, a layer of fog enveloped the towering buildings by night? Mind you, this is an October in a country usually shivering at this time!

Marvelling at the breeze, yet the choking, oppressive atmosphere, I realised a tad too late what was approaching- Off Season Rain! Well. Damn. ‘I hope it won’t last till I reach home’ popped a thought into my mind.

But who said rain depends on wishes?The thing with rain at this time is, it doesn’t just pour, it literally BLINDS you no matter where or how you stand. And that is exactly how it proceeded to pour- blinding our poor bus driver and slowing us down a tad.

As we crawled forward, I caught myself wondering if the rain would benefit the farmers sowing their crop, if this was a clarion call for winter’s arrival, if the streets would flood up within a few minutes, if that generator on that street under reparation would be able to withstand the downpour, if that umbrella-less lady crossing the street had her home nearby, how the workers at the construction site must have hurriedly rushed to shelter, what the boy sitting at the window was thinking, and more. And caught a smile that had crept up to my lips without my knowing. I didn’t begrudge the weather anymore!

Stepping off at my stop, I realised, that while the others might have simply seen the rain today, I had felt it, become part of it.

Smiling at my co-passengers, the storm and the world in general, I rushed off home with the others, with no time to exchange farewell, much like the workers at the construction site in my imagination.

Oh, did I mention? I did get soaked right through.


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