Daily Prompt: Lollipop

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I’d been noticing the child at the bus stop for many days. Always, she stood with a backpack full with god knows what, one hand clutching her mother’s, the other clutching a lollipop in a beautiful wrapper. Every. Single. Day. And the same kind too. The mother seemed not to bother!

As the bus swerved into the stop, I sighed. That mean old lady was the bus driver. Again. She complained all through the journey about her job, yet never took a day off either. What’s more, she just never seemed to warm up to anybody! No matter how many friendly overtures I made, she found a way to upturn them all. Even I’d given up after a week.

At this point you do realize that I’m an excessively talkative, nosy person. Well, in my defense, I just try to make friends with everybody and make sure I don’t create problems for any body.

I judged her in my mind, of course. ‘How can she let her child destroy her health like that ? Her teeth, her body, all going to waste, and from such a young age!’

Today, my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to ask the parent child duo of the girl’s fixation with that particular candy, maybe even chastise them a little bit, however subtly, but I decided to be sneaky about it. ‘Honestly,’ I thought, ‘I’ll make a spy of myself someday’.

“Why hello there!” I spoke as cheerily as possible. The girl replied with a dazzling smile and her mother smiled along. That caught me off guard. “How are you doing?” “I’m fine,” replied the child. “And you?” ‘Hmm. Impeccable manners’ I thought. “I’m doing great!” Some genuineness seeped into my voice. “And how old might you be?” “I’m eight.” replied the girl.

I looked at my watch, the bus would be leaving anytime now. ‘Ah! Forget it.’ I thought to myself, dashing all my vows of being patient, and all my hopes of ever becoming a spy. “So, what’s with the lollipop?” I asked. “You seem to be taking no interest at all in it!” I winked, laughing. ‘You buffoon’ I thought to myself. They don’t call me Miss Socially Awkward for nothing.

“It’s for the bus driver.”

I am an idiot.


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