That smell

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

I see each day as a mixture of feelings, events, a part of a timetable and based on usefulness.

Each day, fast paced, lazy, depressing, thoroughly enjoyable, whatever, however, has a distinct, defining moment. One moment that makes time stand still for a minute, an hour, an eternity.

For me, most times, a defining moment comes embedded in a distinct fragrance – a whiff of something that transports me to a memory made years ago, a memory I didn’t know would become so important now.

You may think I’m a lunatic, but has it never happened to you? You were taking out the trash, say, and a lovely gust of fresh air swept past you and brought along with it a sweet, sweet smell, reminding you of a place, or a feeling that felt just the same, maybe giving you goosebumps, maybe making you feel warm, maybe making you break into a smile, or maybe just making you stand still a moment and… Think.

The human nose can identify many, many different smells, but sometimes a fragrance is not just a sensory treat, sometimes it is a person, a special day, a not so special day, a feeling you just can’t explain. Sometimes, a fragrance just… is.


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