via Daily Prompt: Partner

“Hey!” A girl half screamed, half cried at me as I was walking about, into the streets of an unknown city.

I thought she was a drunk follower and quickened my pace. Honestly, at first, I was a bit flattered, for at least someone recognized me in a town away from home. There was someone reading my books after all! Then, realising that the person could be a criminal, I hurried as fast as my feet allowed me to, I didn’t know anyone here; Who knows, I could get mugged!

“Hey!” The voice cried out, hysterical now. I could hear feet pounding towards me. I reached for my Swiss knife, but before I could pull it out, the hysterical female said something that caught me off guard.

“Partner! I can’t find your heart! Are you sure the dogs haven’t taken it away?”

Memories. Memories of a 10 year old, inseparable pair of idiots, braiding their dog’s hair, playing pranks, lolling about in the grass, composing stupid poetry, and getting separated, they hit me like light in the eyes of a just woken person.

“Is that…?” I trembled in anticipation, as she sang again.

“You know my heart is yours forever, you must have left it in the hay.”

I couldn’t believe how stupid and beautiful it sounded to me at the same time.

“It’s me!” Whispered the teary eyed female.

“I know.” Replied I, her wandering soul.



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