Dear readers, this one’s for you :)

Years ago I started this blog with a weird, childish name. At that time, I was full of teenage mission, that is to say, making people realise how beautiful they are, and never to stress or worry. Good sense made me stop, for it would have sounded too preachy.

As time passed on, and my eyes opened wider to the world, I realized that there is more to it than meets the eye, and that people suffer in so many silent ways. What, therefore, can you say to a person undergoing depression that he hasn’t already heard? What words will relieve an abuse victim of her trauma? What common ground will people of different parts of the world share?

And so, I wrote. I wrote of inconsequential things, of joys and of sorrows, but most of it was superficial and self centred. Because, what else could I write about? How would I get people to connect with me, in a way not preachy, though superficial indeed?

But I was not happy. Where did my mission go bury itself? What was the reason I started this blog in the first place? Was I still true to my purpose? The answer is no.

So, today, I write on a different theme. A theme with, perhaps, universal connect.

Quite a few of the things I have written have received world wide views, quite literally, though not in the way of numbers.

People from India, Australia, the United States, and even Pakistan have read me, even if their throngs weren’t quite large. I have received naught but comments, support and goodwill. And why should I? What is it that makes people stop for a second and drop by a kind word?

The reason is, that over the length and breadth of the world, across various cultures, countries and continents, only the customs and languages change- on the inside, we are all the same.

You could be anyone, from anywhere, with skin coloured any coloured of the rainbow, but you and I are the same.

We dream the same dreams, we hope the same hopes, we want the same things, we face the same fears, we share the same sorrows, we delight in the same things, you and I.

We feel pain just the same too, you know, albeit in different forms.

I know what it feels to be depressed, yet I cannot begin to imagine what countless others on the surface of the earth go through everyday. I know what it feels to be ecstatic, but I cannot begin to imagine what pure joy might feel like. I know pain, but others know it more. I know little, while others face much, much more. We do understand the meaning of each feeling, though, and each one understands it in various intensities. Yet we are the same.

We are the same, beautiful, ugly creatures on the inside and out, we are the same, deep and shallow creatures at different points of time. We are the same, happy, sorrowful creatures within our heart of hearts, we are one and the same.

So I do know that you, my reader, could be on a high in your life, or in the depths of a bottom below what I know. But I also know that you and I are the same and that you are a beautiful person, just the way you are.

You could have been horrid in the past, but that doesn’t mean your inner self is just demons. You could have faced many sorrows, but that doesn’t mean that your life isn’t worth living anymore.

You stop a minute, and go look at yourself in the mirror, and smile at how pretty your teeth are, and how toothy your smile is. Smile at what you have become, and at what you can become, and smile at the reserve of strength in you that has kept you going all these years.

You, friend, are extraordinary in the truest sense, and maybe you just have to find that one defining trait in you that sets you a class apart.

You, friend, have true power in your heart and in your mind and I know this because you are just a different version of me, just like I am a different version of you, and most importantly, both of us have a terrific inside, waiting to transform and show itself to the world.



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