A new sort of nation

My country is closing up to the date when it achieved it’s Independence many, many years ago.
On that day, the hypernationalist in everyone will arise, sing the national anthem, wave the flag, congratulate other hypernationalists and then forget all about it till next year.
Of course, there will be those who may look silent on that historic day but who have the seed of respect for their country, and the entire world as one human race, sown deep and steadfast into their hearts.
These people will be criticised for being so quiet on their country’s special day, or for not standing up to the national anthem when it’s played repeatedly for practice for an event, or for anything under the sun that someone finds offensive on *that particular day* to the country.
Of course, the hypernationalists’ own fakeness of emotion and extreme boastfulness of their nation (without complete facts, at times), doesn’t count.
You see, I believe that any country is not just a blaze of glory for it’s residents. It’s not a collective emotion one is supposed to have (although this sentiment was extremely important in each oppressed nation’s fight for freedom, and I respect it). 
I believe our perception of a nation should change with the change in times, and that a nation should be treated as a respect worthy human. As a person with a past of both good and bad. A person who made mistakes, maybe too many to count, but who is mature enough now to correct them and move ahead.
In which case, being proud and supportive of one’s country no longer means that one blindly praises it to the high skies. That one is blind to it’s faults or it’s great deeds. It no longer means that on one or two days special to it, you honour it and salute it like crazy. Like on mother’s or father’s or women’s days, where everybody gets one day of special treatment, then back to square on the next day.
Being proud of one’s country, I believe, should mean, that you forget what another’s country has done to yours and move on, show solidarity and try to keep improving it, and most importantly, connect your nation’s identity with that of the world and the environment. You no longer maintain that selfish attitude of “my country first” & “my country is the best” but the attitude of using your brain and thinking of ways to battle what it is we have done to wreck the Earth and to help each person on the planet.
We must stop being so selfish that we see only one country’s good in our line of sight. There’s people everywhere on the planet, suffering, and we’ve got to do all we can to help each individual. We’ve all caused enough harm to the world already, in our needs blinded by selfishness.
So. What is the meaning of a nation? A place where narrow mindedness is crushed and where people learn essential values to enable them to operate as world citizens. A place where country love is measured by how much you have done, by any means possible, for the country, the world, without harming anything or anybody. Without causing massive destruction or wars. Without oppressing people of any community or religion or gender (for such shallowness has no place in a country’s great mission). 
The meaning of a nation, today, is what our forefathers thought it should be, and even better. For we no longer have to struggle for freedom, but for happiness, and a great life for everyone.
My country is going to be celebrating it’s Independence in a couple of days. There will be, of course, a whole lot of flag-waving and proclamation of love for the nation. But maybe, just maybe, if even one person reads this massive amount of text I have produced, and understands it, then I will have succeeded in getting across to others what for so long I have kept trapped within myself.


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