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“Hey!” A girl half screamed, half cried at me as I was walking about, into the streets of an unknown city.

I thought she was a drunk follower and quickened my pace. Honestly, at first, I was a bit flattered, for at least someone recognized me in a town away from home. There was someone reading my books after all! Then, realising that the person could be a criminal, I hurried as fast as my feet allowed me to, I didn’t know anyone here; Who knows, I could get mugged!

“Hey!” The voice cried out, hysterical now. I could hear feet pounding towards me. I reached for my Swiss knife, but before I could pull it out, the hysterical female said something that caught me off guard.

“Partner! I can’t find your heart! Are you sure the dogs haven’t taken it away?”

Memories. Memories of a 10 year old, inseparable pair of idiots, braiding their dog’s hair, playing pranks, lolling about in the grass, composing stupid poetry, and getting separated, they hit me like light in the eyes of a just woken person.

“Is that…?” I trembled in anticipation, as she sang again.

“You know my heart is yours forever, you must have left it in the hay.”

I couldn’t believe how stupid and beautiful it sounded to me at the same time.

“It’s me!” Whispered the teary eyed female.

“I know.” Replied I, her wandering soul.


That smell

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I see each day as a mixture of feelings, events, a part of a timetable and based on usefulness.

Each day, fast paced, lazy, depressing, thoroughly enjoyable, whatever, however, has a distinct, defining moment. One moment that makes time stand still for a minute, an hour, an eternity.

For me, most times, a defining moment comes embedded in a distinct fragrance – a whiff of something that transports me to a memory made years ago, a memory I didn’t know would become so important now.

You may think I’m a lunatic, but has it never happened to you? You were taking out the trash, say, and a lovely gust of fresh air swept past you and brought along with it a sweet, sweet smell, reminding you of a place, or a feeling that felt just the same, maybe giving you goosebumps, maybe making you feel warm, maybe making you break into a smile, or maybe just making you stand still a moment and… Think.

The human nose can identify many, many different smells, but sometimes a fragrance is not just a sensory treat, sometimes it is a person, a special day, a not so special day, a feeling you just can’t explain. Sometimes, a fragrance just… is.

An encounter with the past

I met a teenager in that angsty, pubescent stage of life, where the tiniest things angered him and he couldn’t express it the right way.

He talked, I tried to keep him engaged. He swore and cursed a lot, but every now and then, his face would break into an uncertain smile, completely vulnerable, exposed, asking for.. for help, approval.

He hadn’t had a happy day since school started, and a friends group tiff left him bursting with rage, hopelessness and cuss words galore. He spoke of his feeling utterly useless, ridiculous and dumb. He was in turmoil.

I thought I could help. I understood every word he said. I had felt what he was feeling now. Discretely, I tried to steer the conversation in a useful direction, but not like a preacher or therapist.

Fat lot of good that did.

I realised that that is probably what my parents tried to do when I was that age. Just, they had been gone from it so long, they were so far away from my dilemma now, that they couldn’t say a thing that seemed sensible to me.

I must have sounded exactly like my parents did to me, when I talked to that angry, rebellious youth on the bus.

It’s an inner struggle after all. I won it with myself. He’ll have to, too.

Daily Prompt: Lollipop

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I’d been noticing the child at the bus stop for many days. Always, she stood with a backpack full with god knows what, one hand clutching her mother’s, the other clutching a lollipop in a beautiful wrapper. Every. Single. Day. And the same kind too. The mother seemed not to bother!

As the bus swerved into the stop, I sighed. That mean old lady was the bus driver. Again. She complained all through the journey about her job, yet never took a day off either. What’s more, she just never seemed to warm up to anybody! No matter how many friendly overtures I made, she found a way to upturn them all. Even I’d given up after a week.

At this point you do realize that I’m an excessively talkative, nosy person. Well, in my defense, I just try to make friends with everybody and make sure I don’t create problems for any body.

I judged her in my mind, of course. ‘How can she let her child destroy her health like that ? Her teeth, her body, all going to waste, and from such a young age!’

Today, my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to ask the parent child duo of the girl’s fixation with that particular candy, maybe even chastise them a little bit, however subtly, but I decided to be sneaky about it. ‘Honestly,’ I thought, ‘I’ll make a spy of myself someday’.

“Why hello there!” I spoke as cheerily as possible. The girl replied with a dazzling smile and her mother smiled along. That caught me off guard. “How are you doing?” “I’m fine,” replied the child. “And you?” ‘Hmm. Impeccable manners’ I thought. “I’m doing great!” Some genuineness seeped into my voice. “And how old might you be?” “I’m eight.” replied the girl.

I looked at my watch, the bus would be leaving anytime now. ‘Ah! Forget it.’ I thought to myself, dashing all my vows of being patient, and all my hopes of ever becoming a spy. “So, what’s with the lollipop?” I asked. “You seem to be taking no interest at all in it!” I winked, laughing. ‘You buffoon’ I thought to myself. They don’t call me Miss Socially Awkward for nothing.

“It’s for the bus driver.”

I am an idiot.

If dreams were Edible

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I wish emotions were edible. I’d swallow my feelings whole and wait for them to digest thoroughly, to the point where I could feel nothing at all.

At least I wouldn’t have to go through the daily mental struggle I have with myself, of wishing things were different, wishing the world were more accepting and kinder, wondering if I am in the right place, and trying to stifle my thoughts in the direction of what I’d want to be.

It’s a self imposed struggle, you see, I can back out any time. There is absolutely no pressure put upon me…. yet I feel it would be a shame to back down. I do want to prove my mettle, my worth to the world, but most importantly, I want to win my struggle with me, I want to improve upon myself.

Have you ever felt like you’re 80% interested in something, but where the 20% lies, your heart feels like it would burst with joy? That’s what I am feeling now. Sometimes I feel it would be best to give up this life, and go do something I’d love one hundred percent. What holds me back is the thought that I do have the rest of my life to follow my heart, and what if I regret this decision later.

I do wish my heart were my stomach- each stray emotion that would jump in would meet an acidic death.